The Leary Firefighters Foundation’s mission is to provide funding and resources
for Fire Departments to obtain the best available equipment, technology and training.
We are dedicated to helping maintain the highest level of public safety in our communities.


What is the mission of The Leary Firefighters Foundation?

The mission of The Leary Firefighters Foundation, is to provide funding and resources for Fire Departments to obtain the best available equipment, training and technology.

Isn’t my Fire Department supported by tax revenue? Why do they need private funding?

There never seems to be enough money in any municipal budget to cover more than the basic programs and services, and the Fire Department is no exception. Traditionally, our firefighters have answered the call with an old fashioned “can-do” attitude and a limited reliance on advanced technology and equipment. All Fire Departments face an annual struggle to maintain salary, pension and welfare levels while fighting to keep fire houses open and operational. New equipment and advanced training are the first things to be cut during any budget debate. The realities of emergency response in the post-9/11 world demand that Fire Departments across the country initiate a new era of first-responder training. The Leary Firefighters Foundation is dedicated to filling the gap between the needs of Fire Departments to acquire the tools necessary to maintain the highest level of public safety and the limits of government funding.

How much money has The Leary Firefighters Foundation distributed?

Since 2000, The Leary Firefighters Foundation has raised over $10 million for uniformed firefighters in New York, Massachusetts and New Orleans. Projects in these states include:

  • The Leary Firefighters Foundation and EMC Corporation Burn Tower and Training Center, a SCBA Response Vehicle, Rescue Boat, and Special Ops vehicle for the Worcester Fire Department;
  • A Tactical Command Unit, Fire Rescue Boat, and Rehabilitation Vehicle for the Boston Fire Department;
  • A Mobile Command Center, Flashover Simulators, and High Rise Training Simulator Building for the New York City Fire Department;
  • A fleet of search and rescue flat bottom boats for the New Orleans Fire Department;
  • Rebuilt 11 critical firehouses in New Orleans ravaged after Hurricane Katrina;
    distributed $1.9 million to the families of firefighters who perished on 9/11 through The Fund for New York’s Bravest (closed in 2003)

The Leary Foundation’s Grant Program, The Jeremiah Lucey Grant Program, was named in honor of Denis’ cousin who perished in the Worcester Cold Storage Fire in 1999. The Lucey Grant Program provides financial support for training and equipment needs in the current geographical funding areas of New York and Massachusetts and Detroit, Michigan.

How can I apply for funding from The Leary Firefighters Foundation?

Grant seekers are invited to review The Leary Firefighters Foundation guidelines on this website and if appropriate, send a letter of inquiry (not to exceed two pages) which includes the following information:

  • description of the organization seeking support
  • overview of project to be funded and grant amount requested
  • problem/challenges project will address
  • timeframe for implementation of project
  • summary of other sources being approached for support of project

In addition to the letter of inquiry, a project budget should be included.

Letters of inquiry should be sent in writing to: Leary Firefighters Foundation, Grant Requests, 568 Broadway, Suite 601, New York, NY 10012 or via email to:

Please note that all electronic submissions must include “Grant Request” and the name of the department requesting funding in the subject of the email. All submissions must also clearly indicate the name, phone number and email address of the individual submitting the request.

What other sources of support are available to firefighters?

Visit to our Resources page for a list of agencies and links; we encourage you to check back often as we constantly update the information.

How can I make a donation?

Donations are gratefully accepted by The Leary Firefighters Foundation. Please click here.

Can I volunteer at The Leary Firefighters Foundation?

The Leary Firefighters Foundation is always in need of volunteers to assist with day-to-day administrative tasks in our New York office. Most volunteer work consists of answering phones, faxing, copying, filing, preparing mailings and assisting with other ongoing projects. We also rely heavily on volunteers to staff our events in New York and Boston throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering your time please click here to volunteer.

I’d like to organize a fundraiser to benefit The Leary Firefighters Foundation. How should I proceed?

We are grateful for the support of people throughout the country who raise money for us via fundraisers and events. There are several legal requirements and paperwork that you must meet or complete before approaching The Leary Firefighters Foundation with a fundraising idea. We advise you to consult your attorney, contact your state’s Attorney General’s office, or contact the New York Office of the Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY, 10271 or visit their website. Once you have completed the necessary legal steps, please write a detailed proposal outlining your fundraising idea and send it to The Foundation office or email it to us at The Leary Firefighters Foundation staff will review and respond to all proposals. Unfortunately, because we have a small staff, we are unable to provide logistical or personnel support for any third party fundraising events. If submitting a request electronically, please include “Third Party Fundraiser” in the subject of your email.

Can I get in touch with Denis Leary?

The staff of The Leary Firefighters Foundation cannot respond to fan mail or requests for personal appearances. Correspondence addressed to Denis Leary at The Leary Firefighters Foundation’s address will be reviewed by The Leary Firefighters Foundation staff and, if appropriate, passed on to Denis’ office. The Leary Firefighters Foundation staff is not responsible for responding to requests. Requests passed to Denis’ office become the responsibility of his office to respond. If submitting a request electronically, please include “Request for Denis Leary” in the subject of your email.

Can Denis Leary appear at my event?

The Leary Firefighters Foundation will forward written requests to Denis’ office, but cannot guarantee either that Denis will be available or that you will receive a response. The Leary Firefighters Foundation is not in a position to speak for Denis’ time. His current schedule leaves his availability extremely limited at this time. If submitting a request electronically, please include “Request for Denis Leary” in the subject of your email.