The Leary Firefighters Foundation’s mission is to provide funding and resources
for Fire Departments to obtain the best available equipment, technology and training.
We are dedicated to helping maintain the highest level of public safety in our communities.

From Denis Leary

Denis Leary, President of LFF

Denis Leary, President of LFF

Dear Friend,

I constantly talk about how amazing firefighters are and how important it is for them to have the training and equipment they need so they can go home to their families each and every night.

Here’s the thing about firefighters – they do their job because they care about keeping our communities safe. No matter how outdated or worn-out their equipment is, firefighters will always make do. That’s just the kind of guys they are: hard-working and humble.

The mission of The Leary Firefighters Foundation is to get them what they need to meet the extraordinary challenges of a very dangerous job in an increasingly dangerous world. It seems like every day there’s something on Facebook, Twitter or television about a situation that requires massive firefighter response – floods, fires and accidents. Since the inception of the Foundation we have committed more than $10 million for crucial programs and equipment to fire departments in New York, Boston, Worcester, Massachusetts, and New Orleans, and have provided support to Detroit, and the Tri-State Area following Hurricane Sandy.

There is so much more we want to accomplish with our programs and initiatives. We’re committed to help bridge the gap between government funding and firefighter needs.

I played a firefighter on Rescue Me, but the firefighters who go to work each day are the real deal. Let’s make sure they come home at the end of their shift.

Thanks for your interest in The Leary Firefighters Foundation and I hope you’ll continue to support our work.

Denis Leary