LFF Launches First Responder Leadership Program

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On January 26, the Leary Firefighters Foundation partnered with MCS (Mission-Centered Solutions, Inc.) and the FDNY to launch its pilot of At the Point of the Spear: Fire Service Leadership, a five-day leadership training program attended by twenty-four firefighters and first responders from Boston, Worcester, and New York, at the FDNY Fire Academy on Randall’s Island in New York.

The complexity and scope of many of today’s emergencies require an ever-increasing level of sophistication in incident management, and nowhere is this truer than in the day-to-day lives of firefighters and emergency responders. By partnering with MCS, LFF’s goal was to provide a dynamic learning experience that will allow these men and women the ability to more effectively lead and manage crises.

At the Point of the Spear focuses on helping response leaders build more cohesive, adaptive, and resilient teams; teaches principles for leading in high-risk and high-stress environments; how to build team cohesion; and how to resolve conflicts and problems within the team. Using a mix of theory, classroom exercises, and field exercises, the interactive program, created and led by MCS, is designed to reinforce mission-driven operational culture at the team level and to provide a framework from which to launch future organizational development.

LFF hopes to partner with fire departments across the country to bring this program to more firefighters and first responders.