LFF Partners with Dunkin’ on Leadership Program in Boston

| by leary

Thanks to a generous grant of $65,000 from The Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation’s (DDBRCF) New England Chapter, the Leary Firefighters Foundation was able to launch its second leadership training program, this time in Boston the week of June 8, 2015.

The program, hosted by the Boston Fire Department, brought together twenty-four firefighters and first responders from Boston, Worcester and New York. Once again led by MCS (Mission-Centered Solutions, Inc.), the goal of the five-day intensive course was to provide a dynamic learning experience that will allow these men and women the ability to more effectively lead and manage crises. LFF will be looking to expand this program in the coming months to include other departments in the Northeast.

The DDBRCF, which helped to make this course possible, raises funds to support nonprofit organizations making a difference in communities across the United States through the generosity of franchisees, employees, vendors, and guests. Since its founding in 2006, The DDBRCF has awarded $8 million in grants to local charities. To learn more about The DDBRCF, visit http://dunkinbrands.com/foundation.