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Also, find out how you can apply for a grant from the Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Applying for a Grant


Jeremiah Lucey was a loving husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and cousin with a passion for the outdoors and riding his Harley-Davidson. He had been a Worcester Firefighter for eight years, a member of the Massachusetts state HAZMAT team, and teacher at the Massachusetts Fire Academy.

The Leary Firefighters Foundation considers grant requests for training, equipment, and technology for fire departments in the US. We do not make grants to individuals.

Through the Jeremiah Lucey Grant Program, the Foundation supports paid departments in New York, Massachusetts, and Detroit, Michigan. The Foundation has recently expanded its scope of funding to include paid and volunteer departments in other parts of the country.

We realize that many departments fit these criteria and therefore we ask that the below guidelines be adhered to when submitting your request for funding. Please carefully read this page as this information has changed.

Lastly and most importantly, the Leary Firefighters Foundation is looking to partner with departments that are proactive problem solvers. Please be sure to outline how your department has already taken action to find a solution to your problem, and how the Foundation can be your partner in ultimately achieving results.

Areas of Support

  • Training – the Foundation is pleased to fund training that enhances the professional development of departments. There is also an opportunity to apply to host our signature program, the MCS Leadership Development Program, at your department. Please visit MCS Leadership Development Program to learn more.
  • Equipment –the Foundation provides funding for departments to be outfitted with the best possible equipment for the health and safety of firefighters and in turn, the public they serve.
  • Technology – the Foundation also makes technology grants, most recently through our partnership with Nest.

Size of Support
Grant sizes vary but typically range from $5,000 to $35,000; occasionally the Foundation makes larger grants. We make no recommendation about the size of the grant your department should ask for other than to say that you should ask for what you need and make your very best case as to how that grant will benefit your department and the community it serves.

Letter of Inquiry
To be considered for funding, please complete the LOI form and upload a brief Letter of Inquiry via our grants portal at: https://LFFgrants.smapply.io. Please note this request must be submitted by the Chief of the department or the Chief of Training. Please have the following information ready to fill in the LOI and included in your uploaded letter by the Chief of the department or the Chief of Training.

Information for the LOI form:

  • Information about your department
    • Name of department, town/city, state, and zip code
    • Paid or volunteer department
    • Department size
    • The population of your town/city and any surrounding areas that your department serves
  • Information about your grant request
    • Type of grant – training, equipment, and/or technology
    • Estimated value of the grant your department is requesting
    • Description of how the grant will be utilized and timeline for implementation
    • Why your department is requesting this grant, including challenges your department faces
    • What steps have been taken and/or commitments made by your department/jurisdiction to try to meet this need of the department?
    • Indicate if you have reached out to your municipality for funding. Reference any other sources being approached for support of this project.
  • Contact information
    • Include your name, rank, phone number, and email
    • Include the name, phone number, email, and rank of the head of your department

Should the Foundation wish to consider your department for a grant after reviewing your Letter of Inquiry, we will contact you with information on the grant application process. Application information is not provided on our website and is disseminated only after a Letter of Inquiry is reviewed and vetted. A phone interview with your department’s leadership may also be requested as a part of the application process.

The Leary Firefighters Foundation makes grants based on a calendar fiscal year (January to December) pursuant to the below deadlines:

  • August 15 – deadline to submit a Letter of Inquiry for current calendar year
  • October 1 – deadline to submit a completed application (for invited applicants only)
  • By November 15 – final decisions made, all applicants contacted
  • By December 15 – grants awarded

Inquiries received after August 15 will not be addressed until the following calendar year.

In the case of emergency grant requests as the result of natural or manmade disasters, decisions will be made on a rolling basis.

Please note that the Leary Firefighters Foundation receives far more requests than it is able to fund. Furthermore, due to the high volume of inquiries and the extensive due diligence process involved in assessing Letters of Inquiry, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be considered immediately. We will initially acknowledge your request by email within a month of receipt and then again by November 15.